Enshroud by Andrea Pearson

Nicole needs to learn to fight a fire pulser and so begins lessons with Sanso. He tries to convince her to give up on stopping Keitus since there is no way to succeed. Meanwhile, everything falls apart.

After this book, I seriously don’t know how the author is going to wrap this up. Enshroud is the eighth Mosaic Chronicles book and the third combined with the Kilenya world. There’s a touch more romance in this one, but also a whole lot of action. I noticed two editing mistakes, but they weren’t a big deal. I very highly recommend this book and, of course, the whole Mosaic series and Kilenya series. If you are going to read the Kilenya series you might want to read them first. A physical description of Sweet Pea was given in this book and I thought, “huh, I don’t remember that about him” and that very night, reading the second to last Kilenya book to my boys as their bedtime story, I discovered why I didn’t remember it – it hadn’t happened yet. But, whether you read Kilenya first or not, read this book/series! It really is excellent. I mean, I read all 8 in the series so far in less than two weeks. Even for me, that’s a lot of books in a short time. I could barely put them down.

5 (out of 5) Stars

Books Read in 2017: 77
Pages Read in 2017: 22,004
Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks (more book reviews!)
Reason I Chose It: I really like the series

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