Horrible Histories: Vicious Vikings by Terry Deary

Horrible Histories: Vicious Vikings is a fun to read history of Vikings aimed at kids. It is light on facts and heavy on entertainment, but gets the basic information across. The Kindle version is a bit annoying since it just looks almost like scans of the pages of the book. Some of the writing is underneath pictures making it hard to read and the quizzes are difficult because you have to go back and forth between the pages to see the answers. It’s good enough for a kid interested in Vikings, but I’d recommend getting the paper version rather than buying it for the Kindle.

3 (out of 5) Stars

Books Read in 2017: 91(this book is not counted toward annual total)
Pages Read in 2017: 25,493
Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks (more book reviews!)
Reason I Chose It: Pre-reading for Fritz for Next School Year

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