Ember Gods (rewrite) by Andrea Pearson

Jacob is anxious to rescue Aloren from Maivoryl City, but the Makalos keep telling him to be patient and wait for the Fat Lady to finish making a batch of potions before attempting to find her. While waiting, Jacob is super busy with school, basketball, pulling people from the scented air, and learning how to fight.

Ember Gods has been rewritten for a slightly older audience. The result is a book that is faster paced and a little more edge of your seat while still staying within the framework of the original version of the book. It’s well-written and the editing is excellent. I highly recommend reading Ember Gods even if you’ve already read the “younger” version (but read Forsaken Prince first)!

5 (out of 5) Stars

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Pages Read in 2017: 39,505
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Reason I Chose It: I really enjoyed the “younger” version

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