Eyes of the Sun (rewrite) by Andrea Pearson

As if Time Seeing wasn’t cool enough, now Jacob has learned to use the power of the sun to light up the person or object he wants to focus on while watching the past. Using this power, he tracks the Key of Ayunli to its current location, but the Lorkon are on their way to get it, too. Meanwhile, an attempt to rid Gevkan of Lirone alerts them to the identity of the female Lorkon. Add in a bit of Hayla (all grown up) and her teenage daughter and an unpredictable Aloren plus the first battle in the war with the Lorkon, and Jacob’s life has just gotten a whole lot crazier (and, let’s be honest… it was already pretty crazy).

Eyes of the Sun is the second to last book in the Kilenya Chronicles. The focus of this one is a bit more varied as it’s tying up a few loose ends and setting up the final book and the Lorkon war. Like the rest of the books, this one is action packed and very well-edited. I highly recommend Eyes of the Sun to people of all ages, but you must read the first four books first or you will be very lost!

5 (out of 5) Stars

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Reason I Chose It: I really enjoyed the “younger” version

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