Out of Play by Joy Norstrom

Gillian is not happy in her marriage. Her husband, Ralph, spends all his free time LARPing. When Gillian’s therapist suggests she try LARPing herself, Gillian volunteers as a kitchen wench without telling Ralph.

Out of Play wouldn’t have been so bad if Gillian (who was the narrator) hadn’t been so thoroughly unlikable. She was whiny, condescending toward her husband, refused to even consider looking at things from Ralph’s point of view, and was determined to hate LARPing from the beginning because obviously (to her) all their problems were his and his LARPing’s fault. At the very end, the author threw in something that wasn’t even really part of the story to make it end a certain way (presumably heading toward a fixed marriage). I found that addition jarring. The only good parts were the descriptions of the LARP and the people there. I don’t really recommend reading this book.

2 (out of 5) Stars

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