Zera and the Green Man by Sandra Knauf

Zera talks to plants and they talk back. Her guardian, her uncle, is a biotech engineer mixing things like cows and potatoes to make beefy fries. After being visited by the Green Man, Zera knows she must try to stop her uncle.

I really did not like Zera and the Green Man. I very rarely give a book 1 star, but this one earned it. The first half was pretty much okay. And then it just went nuts. I felt like the book was trying to be multiple types of books (and failed miserably at the combination). Sometimes it was sci-fi. Sometimes it was mystical fantasy. Sometimes it was a thriller. Sometimes it was a heavy-handed lecture about how horrible genetic modification is and the dangers of global warming. The writing was not very good, particularly when the lectures droned on. I was hoping the ending would redeem it, but no such luck. The ending was extremely poorly done and rather dumb. I most definitely do NOT recommend this book.

1 (out of 5) Stars

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