The Shade Amulet by Andrea Pearson

Lizzie is a fire arete who works as a fire impeder. She stops guns from firing, bombs from going off, and wildfires from spreading. Because of a prophecy about her, she also has to hunt down hounds in her spare time before they get to her, or, worse, kill random innocent people, first.

The Shade Amulet is the first of the Koven Chronicles, a series about Lizzie, a side character from the Mosaic Chronicles. I didn’t really care for/about Lizzie when I read the Mosaic Chronicles, but after reading this book, I love her. This book sets up what will happen throughout the series, interspersed with a bit of character development and Lizzie doing awesome things. The pace was perfect and it is very well edited. I highly recommend reading it to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy. While she was a character in the Mosaic Chronicles and things that happened in that series are referred to, there is no need to read that series before reading this book (though reading them certainly would add to your enjoyment of The Shade Amulet.)

5 (out of 5) Stars

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