Rock-A-Bye Baby by LRW Lee

Every night the sandmen and maidens weave dreams for their dream charges in Wake. When a sandmaiden falls in love with her dream charge, her father is furious, threatening her safety in Dream.

I really enjoyed Rock-A-Bye Baby. I figured ahead of time at what point in the story the book would end based on how many pages were left (it was a very satisfying end point and made perfect sense). I will definitely be continuing on with the series. The facts of the fantasy world are laid out through flashbacks which are very effective at showing what brought us to the point where the story begins. The author is very adept at using words and descriptions that are quite clever. For example, the sandmen and maidens are a sort of birdlike creature and when they greet each other they give a peck on the cheek. I occasionally found myself just sitting and savoring the excellent way something was phrased before going on with my reading. I highly recommend this book to late teens/early twenties and on up!

5 (out of 5) Stars

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