Lullaby by LRW Lee

Ali the Sand Maiden has made it to Wake Realm, but all is not as simple as she expected it to be. First she has to convince Kovis (and Kennan) that her story is true and she means them no harm. Then the Council discovers she has powerful magic and decides to eliminate her in the Ninety-Eight. Meanwhile, Ali’s father is still after her and trying take over Wake Realm by controlling people in their sleep.

Lullaby blends excitement and romance to weave a story that draws you in and makes it hard to put down at night (I lied to myself so many times when I said “just one more chapter”). It is also a story of overcoming abuse, coming out stronger than thought to be possible. I loved how the story unfolded, usually from Ali’s viewpoint, but occasionally from Kovis’s. The character development of Ali, Kovis, and even Kennan is extremely well done. I really found myself caring about what happened to the characters and really rooting for a happy ending. The end is clearly a set up for a third book in the series, but still is satisfying… for now. I highly recommend reading this book to older teens and up.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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