Operation Hail Storm by Brett Arquette

I was asked by the author to read and review Operation Hail Storm. I’m sorry I accepted. I’m also sorry that I seem to lack the ability to put horrible books down and stop reading them. There is so much wrong with this book. There are a multitude of typos and other errors. It reads like a rough draft rather than a finished book. Good writers know they should show rather than tell. The author occasionally succeeds in doing so, but then proceeds to immediately explain what he has just shown once or twice more. It’s kind of bizarre and kind of like when someone tells a joke and then explains the punchline even though you got it the first time. The dialogue doesn’t feel real. It is usually one character asking a question followed by another character answering for several paragraphs. The president is a complete idiot who doesn’t seem to understand how anything works and makes extremely stupid decisions. The CIA doesn’t seem to know that microdrones even exist and are just amazed, and kind of confused, at what Hail can do with his drones. The timeline of the whole thing is completely unbelievable. It’s only been two years since the terrorist attack that spurred Hail to action and, yet, in those two years he’s managed to gather and become the legal guardian of many who were left orphans from the attack and plan, create the tech, train the kids, and begin to carry out his retaliation plan. Most of the characters are rather unlikable and didn’t make me even remotely care about them. Quite simply, this is not a book I recommend anyone bother to read.

1 (out of 5) Stars

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