Good Night by LRW Lee

After escaping from The Ninety-Eight, Ali and Kovis must find a way to return to Dream in an attempt to stop her father. And that is where Good Night picks up. This book is fantastic. Most of the time it is from Ali’s point of view, but occasionally switches to another (Ambien, Kovis, Kennan). The writing is super engaging. I had trouble putting it down sometimes, usually due to concern for the very well-developed characters and wondering what the author would do to them next. The Dream/Wake world is so imaginative. Every once in a while the way things are phrased gave me a smile or even a chuckle. The end was such a satisfying wrap-up (with one huge surprise I wasn’t expecting, but was so happy with) while still setting up the next book in the series. I very highly recommend this book (and the rest in the series) to late teens and up who enjoy fantasy with a lot of romance thrown in.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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