Educated by Tara Westover

Tara Westover’s story is a bit crazy and a little unbelievable. But then I remember that I’ve known people who “homeschool” the way her parents did, who rely on herbs, oils, and the Lord only for healing, who are intense preppers, who abuse and gaslight their kids. I’ve never known one family who does all of that, but I’ve known enough who do one or more to believe that, in Educated, she presents her history as she recalls living it. Saying the book is good isn’t quite right because what she dealt with is horrifying, but her writing is completely absorbing. I didn’t want to put the book down. I found myself in shock by what she experienced, while at the same time rooting her on as she dealt with her past and managed to become a successful human being. I highly recommend this book.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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