A Stone in My Hand by Cathryn Clinton

Years before the beginning of A Stone in My Hand, a Palestinian family is forced to leave their home in the newly created Israel. They settle in Gaza. Fast forward a few decades and the story begins around the time of the intifada. The book is narrated by a young Palestinian girl, the youngest in the family. She almost completely stops talking after her father disappears on his way to try to get work in Israel. Her sister basically puts her life on hold hoping the occupation and fighting will end soon. Her brother becomes so frustrated by the Israeli soldiers everywhere that he flirts with becoming a jihadist. It is very well-written historical fiction and shows how one person’s actions affect someone else in ways you might not expect. I recommend it to middle school age and up learning about the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians (I would recommend adding a pro-Israel book to be read as well to balance the pro-Palestine slant of this one).

5 (out of 5) Stars

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