The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin

The world laid out in The Fifth Season, the first of The Broken Earth series, is complicated. For this reason, I was confused more often that not for more than the first half of the book. That wasn’t really a problem, though, because the result of putting it all together and figuring out all the rules was incredibly rich and interesting. So many things happened that I just wasn’t expecting. Through most of the book, three stories are being told in alternating chapters, more or less. One of those stories is told in second person. I have never read a book in second person before and I found it to be very effective, especially once you figure out just who “you” are and why the choice to use that point of view was made. I did have one big problem with the book and that is the use of occasional normal English cuss words. They wouldn’t have been a problem if the world itself didn’t have their own expletives. The addition of English ones kind of jarred me out of the story every time like they didn’t belong in the world the author had created. Overall, I found The Fifth Season to have excellent storytelling and world-building. I highly recommend it to people who enjoy sci-fi and fantasy.

4 (out of 5) Stars

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