We Are Not Refugees by Agus Morales

The word refugee has a very specific meaning. Most displaced persons in our world are not actually refugees. There are many terms for them based on where in their journey they currently are. This book seeks to tell the stories of those non-refugee displaced people.

The book jumps around a lot. It goes from one continent to another and back, from one time period to another and back, and jumps around from person to person, sometimes revisiting those that were introduced chapters before. It also fails a bit at what it claims to do. The author uses a lot of words, often repeating the same thing over and over, to talk about the types of displacement, why they are displaced, where they go, where they want to be, but doesn’t use very many words to actually tell the true stories of those who are displaced. The writing is good and the concepts are told well if you ignore how repetitive it is.

Overall, We Are Not Refugees does serve an important purpose and that is to help people to understand that when we use the term refugee we often are not using it correctly at all. More importantly, it shows that displaced persons are human beings with stories and lives. I recommend it to anyone interested in the plight of people who must leave their homes due to war, violence, or persecution.

3 (out of 5) Stars

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