The Risk of Us by Rachel Howard

I am a foster mom currently in the process of adopting six little siblings. I don’t know if because of my situation that the subject matter is very relevant to me, or just because the writing is very compelling and well done, but I couldn’t put The Risk of Us down. So much of it seemed so real and relatable. None of my kids have had anywhere near the behaviors or abuse level the little girl in the story experienced, but there was so much in there that we or people we know have dealt with. I really felt for the couple wondering if they were doing the right thing and whether they could really commit to this particular little girl. The narrator was brutally honest even with her own failures. The writing style and choice to use second person was a bit unique and I think it was very effective. The book is relatively short and reads fast. Whether you are a foster-adopt family or not, I highly recommend The Risk of Us.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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