Silence is a Scary Sound by Clint Edwards

Silence is a Scary Sound by Clint Edwards

As the mother of ten kids, five of whom are currently in the toddler stage, Silence is a Scary Sound is incredibly relatable (silence is a terrifying sound when it’s my 2-year-old somewhere in the house not making any noise). It’s incredibly honest about so many things including no sleep and lots of poop and how you’d do it again because when it’s over you appreciate and miss that crazy time when they were little (because somehow we forget about just how crazy it was). The author has a way of telling the stories that will have you cracking up. Each chapter is like a blog post, quick and easy to read. The only thing I didn’t like about the book is the formatting. For some reason every few pages they inserted a bit of repeated text from elsewhere on the page in a different font right in the middle of the story. I found this very annoying. Otherwise it was great. Definitely make sure to look at the last page where a rather amusing index is included. I recommend this book to parents with toddlers or who used to have toddlers, but probably not to people without kids because they might be convinced to never have any and then the author would be solely to blame for the birthrate dropping and that wouldn’t be cool.

4 (out of 5) Stars
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