Awaken by Maggie Sunseri

Awaken by Maggie Sunseri

I love how this book is written alternating the main character’s returning memories and what is happening a year later in the present. It makes it really hard to put down, though! In fact, after a certain point I couldn’t put it down and kept right on reading until the end. Right from the start I was super curious about where the story would go. It follows the typical pattern of “escape” dystopian novels. There isn’t a whole lot of time spent on worldbuilding, instead allowing the reader to learn about what it’s like inside Oportet, where the main character lives, little by little. I recommend Awaken to anyone who enjoys young adult dystopian.

5 (out of 5) Stars
Books Read in 2021: 40
Pages Read in 2021: 11,607

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