Abduction by Gillian Jackson

Abduction by Gillian Jackson

I love the writing style of Abduction. Every chapter is written by a different person. Some people only narrate a single chapter, others narrate several. The same events are often covered in subsequent chapters, just with variations and different information based on who the narrator is. This really helps to create a clear picture of what was going on at any given time while still having the whole thing in first person point of view. From very early on I strongly suspected what basically happened the day the child was abducted, though I questioned whether I could be right multiple times and did have a possible alternative suspect in mind as well. Even when it was revealed I was correct, I was still pretty surprised at exactly how it went. I could barely put this book down and had to force myself to close my Kindle and go to sleep knowing if I didn’t I’d “one more chapter” until I had read the whole thing. I highly recommend it to people who enjoy psychological thrillers.

5 (out of 5) Stars
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