Full Circle by Andrea Barber

Full Circle by Andrea Barber

When Andrea Barber was a tween and teen she played Kimmy Gibbler on Full House. Then she dropped out of the acting world for a couple decades, got married, got divorced, and learned she had anxiety and depression. And then she played Kimmy Gibbler once again on Fuller House and so her life came Full Circle. Her memoir is very open and honest. There’s nothing salacious because, one, that just isn’t her style, and, two, she truly enjoyed her time acting and the people she was acting with. Even when she talks about her divorce she’s very honest about her own issues contributing and that they eventually got to the point where they are friendly with each other. Where she’s the most open and vulnerable is talking about her mental illness and learning about how to take care of herself through the highs and lows. The whole time I was reading I felt like I was just sitting with a friend having a chat. It was quite an enjoyable, easy read. I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Full House as a kid and Fuller House as an adult or who has ever felt like a Kimmy Gibbler because there really is a lot of Andrea in Kimmy.

5 (out of 5) Stars
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