The Magic of Christmas Tree Farm by Erin Green

The Magic of Christmas Tree Farm by Erin Green

This book reads fast in spite of the length. It rotates between three characters’ points of view. I found one of those characters to be very annoying. She left her husband and son at the beginning of the year, had lots of fun, and then at the end of the year decided she wanted her ex-husband back – after he finally started to move on. She was pretty obnoxious toward him and totally in denial that leaving her family negatively affected her son so I was kind of hoping he’d kick her to the curb. I didn’t dislike reading the sections from her point of view since I liked her ex-husband and son, but I was constantly rolling my eyes at her. All three characters’ lives end up intersecting and, like any good Hallmark Christmas movie (which this really was just in book form), the ending was totally perfect and happy. I recommend The Magic of Christmas Tree Farm to anyone who wants a happy little mind vacation.

4 (out of 5) Stars
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