Sleep, My Child, Forever by John Coston

Sleep, My Child, Forever by John Coston

In the late 80s Ellen Boehm killed her two young sons and tried to kill her daughter. Many people thought there was something strange about the boys’ deaths and Ellen’s behavior, but there was nothing to prove the they were not natural or that Ellen’s version of what happened to her daughter was not accurate. Eventually detectives were able to piece together what really happened and get a confession out of Ellen. Sleep, My Child, Forever does not get bogged down in the criminal justice system part of the case. In fact, the time leading up to the trial date is less than a tenth of the book. More than half of the book gives an overview of Ellen’s life in the time just leading up to her committing the crimes and puts together the timeline in story form. The remainder focuses on the policework leading to Ellen’s arrest. It’s very well written and really sucked me into Ellen’s life. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys true crime.

5 (out of 5) Stars
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