Beyond the Bougainvillea by Dolores Durando

Beyond the Bougainvillea by Dolores Durando

Beyond the Bougainvillea is a bit depressing. If things could go wrong to the poor main character they did. The story itself is quite good and I enjoyed it, but there were a couple glaring issues. There are a lot of typos. More annoying, though, is the writing style. She’d suddenly change the scene with no indication whatsoever. Characters would be having a conversation and then suddenly one of the characters would be thinking back on something that happened long ago. At times I found it hard to keep up with what was going on. I often felt like I must have been reading with my mind wandering and not paying attention to the words (which I do sometimes), but every time I’d flip back I’d find I had comprehended what was written just fine. It was the author who skipped ahead or changed what was going on for no apparent reason. It just made it a bit awkward to read. It’s still a good enough book and I cared deeply about what happened to several of the characters so I don’t regret reading it. (Plus it was the first book for the author and she was 90 when it was published which is pretty incredible.)

3 (out of 5) Stars
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