The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting by Evanna Lynch

The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting by Evanna Lynch

Before Evanna Lynch became Luna Lovegood, she battled anorexia. This book is mostly about that battle. It’s also about Harry Potter and her life since then, but it always comes back to anorexia. It’s a thing she battles all the time on her path to accepting her body. The writing is engaging and puts you right into what was happening and how she was feeling. This is an extremely honest memoir. I’ve read many that paint themselves in the most positive light possible. Evanna doesn’t even try to do that (and, ultimately, I think she doesn’t give herself enough credit, but such is the way when you are your own worst bully). I quite enjoyed it and recommend it to adults who are Harry Potter fans and maybe those who have battled anorexia themselves with a huge trigger warning to be sure they have completely prepared themselves before reading it.

5 (out of 5) Stars
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