A Limited Run by Karen McQuestion

A Limited Run by Karen McQuestion

I enjoyed A Limited Run so much. Lately there have been so many reunion shows and look back podcasts for old shows. This book takes that idea and goes even further by having the original cast, twenty years older, live in character (including now-adults pretending to be teens) in a recreation of their show’s setting for ten days. They are given limited directions each day, but have no idea what their castmates have been told to do. The characters are well developed and I found that I really cared what happened to them and even felt outrage at the unfairness and gaslighting one went through. I suspected some things before they were revealed, but totally missed others. One character had me totally puzzled by her actions and wanting to know what her motivation was and where her knowledge came from is largely what made the book hard to put down. I very highly recommend this book to people who enjoy those reunions shows and podcasts. It’s a very fun read!

5 (out of 5) Stars
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