The Man With the Sawed-Off Leg by Daniel J. Wakin

The Man With the Sawed-Off Leg by Daniel J. Wakin

I don’t think the author quite knew what The Man With the Sawed-Off Leg was supposed to be about. He kept going back to the Rubel Ice holdup (and the man with the sawed-off legs), but there wasn’t enough to make a whole book about that so he wrote about occupants of other buildings in the row of luxury townhouses where the man’s legs were sawed off. Most of what was written about them could be found on a Wikipedia page and was just extremely basic information. Nothing much about living their lives or things they did. It was quite disjointed and also quite boring. Occasionally descriptions of what happened during and after the Rubel Ice holdup were exciting and interesting to read, but that’s about all that was engaging about the entire book. Unless you have some weird interest in that part of Riverside Drive or like boring recitations of basic fact, this is a book you can skip.

2 (out of 5) Stars
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Pages Read in 2022: 35,626
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