One of Us Is Next by Karen McManus

One of Us Is Next by Karen McManus

The Bayview Four have graduated and are moving on from the drama of their final year of high school. But now a copycat has started a truth or dare game leading to secrets being revealed and the death of another student. One of Us Is Next is the perfect follow up to One of Us Is Lying. Some of the characters are new, some were in the first book. As always, the author is a master at making you guess (usually wrong) who the culprit is. I figured out who did it about five pages before it was revealed and gasped because I was so surprised and yet it made perfect sense. But then with like two pages to go there was a twist I didn’t see coming at all. This book is very well written and sucks you in totally and completely. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys young adult mysteries. You don’t absolutely have to read One of Us Is Lying first, but it will definitely make One of Us Is Next more interesting and understandable.

5 (out of 5) Stars
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