Untold Stories of Nurses: The COVID-19 Pandemic by Kate Kalagher

Untold Stories of Nurses: The COVID-19 Pandemic by Kate Kalagher

The stories in this book and the way they are told are excellent. I really enjoyed them and wish there had been more (it’s a very short book). I really liked that they came from all over the world. The problem with the book is that is desperately needs an editor. There were so many times the wrong word was used (elicit instead of illicit for example), or the wrong ending was used (-ing when it should have been -ed or no ending at all), words that were missing completely, or words written twice in a row accidentally, along with a few typos. The most annoying thing, though, was instead of putting quotations in quotes they were in italics. That drove me completely crazy. This book would’ve been a solid 4 stars without all those editing issues. I do wish the author had been more consistent in adding short updates to the ends of the nurses’ stories and also that there had been at least a few paragraphs at the end to complete/sum up the book rather than just ending at the end of a story. If you don’t mind reading a poorly edited book, the stories really are good and any nurse would appreciate them.

2 (out of 5) Stars
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