Clone 3 by Patti Larsen

Clone 3 by Patti Larsen

I’m glad I didn’t pay anything for Clone 3. It just wasn’t very good. There were too many variations of the Sick so keeping track of what they each did was difficult and, quite honestly, I didn’t really care to after a while. I found Clone 3/Trio to be kind of annoying and the dog storyline to be rather ridiculous considering how far past the sickness killing people off the book is set. There were too many factions of kids and too many constantly changing alliances. The ease with which opposing factions could break into other groups’ food stores but never had done it before Trio showed up made zero sense. No matter where Trio went bad things ended up happening to the point it was over the top ridiculous. I considered putting this book down permanently so many times. There were occasional interesting/enjoyable parts, but not many. I mostly just wanted it to end. I kind of felt like the author only has a vague idea of how to write a good dystopian world. The premise is not bad and in the hands of another writer this could’ve been a good book. There are three books in the series but I will definitely not be reading the other two. I don’t recommend this book to anyone.

2 (out of 5) Stars
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