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The Cousins by Karen M. McManus

The Cousins by Karen M. McManus

As is typical with books by Karen McManus, The Cousins was filled with twists and turns and so many things I did not expect. My daughter read the book just before I did and she happened to be sitting next to me when I got to one of the big shockers and my mouth dropped open and my eyes got huge and she knew exactly what I had just read. All three points of view it alternates between have their own voice and are easily identifiable as Milly, Aubrey, or Jonah. Every question (except maybe one) was somehow answered satisfactorily by the end. This is a truly excellent book. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys young adult mysteries, especially if you like to be surprised.

5 (out of 5) Stars
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Ireland by Frank Delaney

Ireland by Frank Delaney

Intrigued by a traveling storyteller he met as a child, Ronan travels the country looking for him and collects stories along the way. The stories of places and events in Irish history are lovely, especially if you have been to Ireland and seen some of those places. Interwoven between the stories of Ireland is a beautiful story of love and family. I didn’t guess the end at all but it made me so happy. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves Ireland or has visited Ireland.

5 (out of 5) Stars
Books Read in 2021: 64
Pages Read in 2021: 20,030

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Waiting for Snow in Havana by Carlos M N Eire

Born and raised in Havana, the author was still a boy when Fidel Castro came to power. He, at age 11 along with many other Cuban children, left his parents and went to the US hoping that his parents would soon follow and they would be reunited. The book is filled with his thoughts and memories of growing up. How things changed at the Revolution. How much fun and trouble little rich kids could get into. His descriptions of Havana paint a very clear picture. It’s a lot of stream of consciousness writing, bringing you right with him into his memories. If you enjoy learning about the displaced or reading memoirs, Waiting for Snow in Havana is a great choice.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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