Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Cath, an 18 year old with social anxiety, spends her first month at college eating protein bars for dinner because she doesn’t know where the dining hall is and is too afraid to look for it or ask her scary roommate for help. Adding to her anxiety, her mother left when she was 8, her father has bipolar, and her twin sister, who definitely does not have social anxiety, barely wants anything to do with her anymore, instead choosing to really live up the college experience. Meanwhile, online, Cath is a super popular fanfic writer with a huge following. Over the course of her first year in college, Cath must learn that while it’s okay to love the fictional world, the real world is important, too.

Fangirl is a very good YA novel. The story draws you in completely. I could barely put it down. The descriptions of how Cath feels in different situations are spot on. The random bits of the “real” Simon Snow novels she writes fanfic for (kind of a cross between Harry Potter and Twilight) and her bits of fanfic are all pretty terrible (the “real” bits being worse than the “fanfic” bits). I recommend this book for teens and adults, particularly those with social anxiety.

4 (out of 5) Stars

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