Nerve by Jeanne Ryan

Sick of being invisible, on a whim Vee performs a simple livestreamed dare, entering to become a Player on the on-line game show Nerve. Enticed by the promise of shoes she liked a few months before, she completes another dare. Offered prizes become more and more desirable as her dares become more and more complicated, embarrassing, and dangerous as the Watchers, those who pay to watch the Players play, demand it. When she is selected to compete in the grand prize competition, everything becomes scary fast and Vee must figure out who she can and cannot trust to get out alive.

Nerve is Hunger Games meets Lord of the Flies. The disturbing part is the producers of the game use information posted on-line or gleaned from friends (willing to talk for a price) against the players, reminding us that privacy is just an illusion. The book is really well written and just when things seem to be wrapped up nicely, the ending is ridiculously creepy. I highly recommend reading this book. It really makes you think.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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