The Golden Symbol by Andrea Pearson

The Lorkon are coming for the final battle, but Jacob and his friends must first find the potion recipe hidden by Onyev long ago that will allow them to turn the Lorkon back into humans able to be killed. Once the recipe has been found, they must gather the ingredients and make the potion before the Lorkon arrive.

The Golden Symbol is the sixth and final book in the Kilenya series. It’s action packed and just as exciting as all the others. The writing is excellent and my 8- and 10-year-old sons and I all enjoyed it. Even though I knew how it would turn out, there were times I wasn’t sure the ending would be at all happy. I highly recommend this book and the whole Kilenya series to kids and adults. It makes an excellent family read aloud!

5 (out of 5) Stars

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Reason I Chose It: Bedtime Story for the Boys

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