Nightshade City by Hilary Wagner

Since the Bloody Coup, Killdeer and Billycan have ruled the Catacombs with an iron fist, but still rats are disappearing without a trace. After Clover is named as The Chosen One, her uncle Juniper must hurry up the plans to overthrow Killdeer and move the rats to the much more pleasant Nightshade City.

I have noticed that there seems to be some unspoken rule that graphic violence is not okay in books for kids unless the characters are animals. This book has some very graphic violence going on between the anthropomorphic rats. The chapters are also overly long with each chapter being 25-30 pages. This made the flow of the book awkward. My 9- and 11-year-old boys were happy when we finished the book, not because they enjoyed it, but because it was over, and said they did not want to finish the series. I don’t really recommend reading Nightshade City.

2 (out of 5) Stars

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Reason I Chose It: Bedtime Story for the Boys

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