Aztec Curse by EM Stone

Aztec Curse was kind of a frustrating book to read. The storyline was great. I loved the chapters that went back in time. I loved how the translation of the Codex went along with the story told in those chapters. But the dialogue. It didn’t sound at all like normal conversation. There was a lot of monologuing to explain things and sometimes it didn’t make any sense. For example, explaining archaeology-related things to her father who is also an archaeologist. The sex scene was sudden and weird and not necessary. I suspect it was stuck in there as a plot device to allow the main character to see another character shirtless. There are other ways to get a man shirtless and it really didn’t totally fit the characters to do it how the author chose. It was extremely gory in places. Often overly so. There was a lot of extra stuff that was totally unnecessary. I suppose those scenes helped with character development, but they didn’t move the story along and could have easily been cut. The wrap-up chapter was ridiculously full of monologuing that just recapped in detail what happened in the previous few chapters. It was like the author wanted the other characters to find out what happened and forgot it is boring to go over something the readers already know. The way the main character guessed what was in the Codex was often a huge stretch. Of course she was always exactly right (as proven by the chapters from the past). I did care about most of the characters and what happened to them. As I got near the end I wasn’t sure how the author would possibly be able to wrap it all up in such a short time (she did, and very well other than the recap at the very end). So this was a good book, but it had very definite issues. I almost feel like a bit of its potential was wasted.

3 (out of 5) Stars

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