The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Thomas wakes up to find himself in the Glade surrounded by strange boys, confused with only shadows of memories. The next day Teresa shows up unconscious and when she wakes up she writes “WICKED is good” on her arm but doesn’t know why she did it. Making things even stranger, Thomas and Teresa can somehow speak to each other in their minds. Thomas learns about the maze that Runners run through every day trying to find a way out and note all the changes since the walls move every night. Thomas feels like he absolutely must become a Runner, but he doesn’t know why he has that strong feeling. He also learns about Grievers, terrible slug-like monsters that are sent out at night by the Creators and can sting you causing the Changing (where you get some memories back). When Teresa wakes up everything changes completely and getting out of the Glade becomes a necessity if any of them want to survive.

The Maze Runner is a good book. It’s an easy read, easy even for a young adult book. The chapters are the type that end making you want to keep on reading (I have a love/hate relationship with those). I found the use of fake curse words annoying and distracting, however. Some rhymed with the actual words and one was explicitly defined. The book in general, and the end specifically, made me want to continue reading the series. I recommend reading it.

4 (out of 5) Stars

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