My Name is Parvana by Deborah Ellis

Parvana’s family opens a school for girls, but they are constantly threatened by men who believe girls should not be educated. The Taliban hides munitions on school property leading to the school being bombed by the Americans. Parvana is captured by American soldiers and repeatedly questioned and accused of being a terrorist, but refuses to speak or defend herself for fear of her words being twisted.

My Name Is Parvana is the fourth and final book of the Breadwinner series. It was the best one of all. It is told alternating in the present (in the American jail) and past memories (at the school). The book really showed how, in Afghanistan, it’s impossible to know who can be trusted and that things are just really complicated. The ending was absolutely perfect. I highly recommend this book and the whole series to adults and older children and teens alike. My almost 10-year-old son said the only bad thing about My Name Is Parvana was that it ended.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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